So I'm going to assume nutrition is working as intended

…which may be a mistake. We’ll see.

I recently downloaded the game again. Last version I played was 0.C a long time ago.

Current character has been alive for a month. The past two weeks, I have been practically keg-standing vitamins with expanded digestion, and somehow I have Vitamin A deficiency and scurvy.

Please explain how this is possible.

I would just disable it, but an hour of research has told me that option has been deliberately removed. Super.

You’re running PK’s or a pre-F stable if you have vitA deficiency. PK’s vitamins are broken last I heard.

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Yeah I was just gonna say, we removed vitamin A deficiency completely so you’re definitely not on current unmodded stable. You can get scurvy in stable, but it should be quite difficult to do.

also, we’ve never shipped a version of the game where vitamin a deficiency actually did anything. before 0.f, deficiencies were placeholder effects with no mechanical impact.

…I have no idea who PK is, but I want to punch them in the gut. The vast majority of problems I’ve had with this game were because of their titular “rebalancing.”

Better not brick my save if I disable it in the json, I swear to god.


EDIT: Well, it didn’t brick my save, but it might as well have. I guess we’ll see if the character import tool still works.

Is PK’s even maintained anymore? The last release had to have been almost four years ago now. I’m impressed that modern CDDA ate it at all.

Why would you even install the mod if you don’t know what it does??

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To be fair, a few of the mods are not very descriptive as to what they do. It’s the reason I have not tried some of them them.

I think a lot of people just auto install mods because there is a deal with other games that allow modding that modding always equals improvement. That somehow a modder knows more than the actual devs of whatever game. Which, as far as CDDA is not always true.

For instance, I have heard of Kenan’s Mod. But for the life of me, i have never seen a description of what it does. Unlike, say, Magiclysm which is self explanatory.

From what I understand about PK, back in the day it’s claim to fame was adding items, creatures, and locations from the Doom franchise along with a ramp up in difficulty for the versions around when it was actively maintained (unless it’s been adopted by someone).

Still, would be nice if more of the mod makers actually went over what the mod does as opposed to “this improves things, add this!”