Blood Filter CBM Limitations

This thing confuses me, often if I am “Poisoned” it works, but it always takes 100% of any painkiller or stimulant out of my system immediately. However, if I’m “Badly Poisoned” it seems that I can activate it a hundred times and make no difference whatsoever. What’s the deal? And is there a way to deal with badly poisoned?


Before the last updates I use royal jelly


Good to know, I’m not in good enough shape to fight into the local hive at the moment, but maybe I’ll armour up and shove some jelly in a freezer for the future.

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I never visit hives, found them in basements and zed. Last versions experimental edit this item and I m not sure still work.

I have not found a single one on zombies or in basements ever.

It sounds to me as if the CBM is working as intended. The blood filter removes ALL drugs, pharmaceuticals, and a few negative bodily effects, so try filtering out the bad stuff before consuming more good stuff.

Imo, the blood filter CBM can be useful, especially when combined with a blood analysis CBM. However, being careful and well equipped can prevent many of the possible negative effects from needing to be filtered in the first place.

I know it removes all drugs, and I’m not complaining about that, I just am trying to understand why it works against “Poisoned” but not “Badly Poisoned”. I DO try to filter out the bad stuff before taking other things, I can activate it 20 times and it doesn’t fix “Badly Poisoned”.

Sadly I don’t have a blood analysis CBM. And unfortunately my mask got smashed so I got poisoned.

I’m pretty sure “badly poisoned” indicates the poison has spread to your organs and other tissues, so filtering your blood won’t work anymore.

I guess that would make sense, though it happens instantly in some cases, which is pretty rough!