0.C-7411-gd92f67f Missing crafting recipes?

Version 0.C-7411-gd92f67f

I’m using the latest experimental version on Windows 8.1, and after starting my usual labstart character, I realized that almost all the crafting recipes are missing.

Edit: Recipes still show up when searched for with [F], and can be crafted in the menu.
Edit 2: I just extracted the game again and started a fresh new world with no mods, and the recipes show up fine. I’m guessing it’s some odd mod interaction, or possibly even from me porting over my templates from older experimental versions. My mod list is More Survival Tools, Medieval Stuff, Icecoon’s Weapon Pack, blazemod, tanks, arcana, and boats (in that order).
Edit 3: I made a new world with the mod list and ran into the same problem again. The only items that are visible in the crafting menu are fur leggings, a hooded hat, metal fragments, and a variety of special ballista bolts. I’m not sure if the ones shown have any significance in what’s causing this.
Edit 4: I narrowed the two mods down to the Medieval stuff mod and the More Survival Tools mod, they both display this bug either alone or combined.