So apparently boomer vomit

boomer vomit has a chance of giving you fungal infection? was wandering around town, opened up the wrong door, boomer vomited in my face before getting a load of bullets… the vision loss wasnt that big a deal as i was already using the magiclysm/arcana (not sure which it comes from) mask of insight, which basically gives you short range clarvoyance (didnt stop me from getting vom’d on though.)

ran to a nearby bathroom, found a towel, wiped off boomer gunk… checked character sheet, and i’ve got fungal infection, despite not having come near a fungaloid for quite some time.

so is that just something the boomers can give to you, despite not being fungus themselves?

I see nothing that suggests boomers have that ability. It is likely you got it from another source. I know that the eyes can or at least used to be able to give you a fungal infection. It’s possible other things from those mods might have similar abilities.

i cant think of anything else it would have been in that situation though, i was exploring a magiclysm building’s basement… perhaps one of the nether spawns in there infected me? i definitely wasnt anywhere close to anything else.

i had the ‘boomered’ debuff on me which had reduced my vision range to 1, but could still see due to the mask-…

… oh i know what it was now… i accidentally stepped into a portal in the basement and it caused teleglow on me, which then triggered the fungal parasite effect.

I didn’t know teleglow could give you infections. Guess I should stop repeatedly hopping into those for fun.

its like a 0.01% chance out of the many things it can do to you.