So a new player promptly died to blood loss from blackberry bushes

Ever tried to get a new player into the game and some amusing happened?

I got a player into the game who went into the forest immediately, ran into blackberry bushes, ignoring the warning, and bled out.
I mean to be fair, blackberry bushes are very dangerous since they were able to stop even tanks until recently.

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They actually died from bleeding out? I’ve never died from blood loss, and I only use pressure on the wounds to stop bleeding. I guess they must of ran through a lot of bushes?

Yup, ignoring all the warnings.

Wow! lol Honestly, it may sound crazy but I think if a person really were to just go crashing through all the blackberry brambles in real life, moving at more or less full speed and completely ignoring the pain, it really could prove fatal after a bit. Those things are vicious!

Can confirm. I slipped off a trail while hiking and had to run down a hill as an alternative to rolling down it. The hill was only 10 feet…of thorny bushes. I was wearing shorts. Thorns don’t slash or cut, they pierce and tear. I totally believe you could bleed out, but I think irl there’d have to be drugs involved because that shit hurts. Dozens of puncture wounds and scratches just from my slip.


well, at high levels of medical, pressure is SUPERIOR to using bandages, for some reason, like MUCH superior. For… some reason. This may have been fixed since the version I play on is fairly old.

Can only blame yourself, next time get some armor when yo do that

within the first four words they state that this is a new player.
do you think someone who bleeds out from blackberry bushes, is just going to have a chainmail suit nearby?

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