Smoke, electricity, etc. all invisible

Spitter zombie spit, shocker lightning, smoke etc. can’t be seen.

Using software rendering. 0.B stable.

Tiles mode I’m assuming?

Software rendering got a lot of errors talking about tiles, saldy. Is that what you are using?

Yes, tiles.

So yeah. I don’t really understand why everything was fine in 0.A but now suddenly you need a dedicated video card to display tiny sprites in 0.B. Can we just make software rendering = however it worked in 0.A?

More details: This is a cheap old box I’ve kept around to play WoW when I was into it, and the odd older or less graphically demanding game. (I’m not much of a PC gamer otherwise.) Windows XP, Intel integrated graphics.

First attempt to run the newly-downloaded 0.B exe always fails immediately, with a brief flicker of the window and no error message. However that first failed run creates the config folder. Within that folder I go to options.txt and set software rendering to ‘true’ by hand. The game then starts fine on all subsequent attempts.

Once a game is in progress, all appears normal except that acid streaks, smoke, shocker electricity, etcetera are all invisible in tiles mode. If I turn off tiles they show up as normal for ASCII. 0.A ran without issue.

Been tinkering with settings, turning animation off, changing other things, just to see if it’s something else conflicting with the display of smoke, etc. No luck.

Edit: An an update, but BevapDin has apparently pinned down something that was causing the problem for him here. Once that get’s merged the experimental should hopefully have your problem fixed. :slight_smile:

Awesome! So happy!