Fire puts out too much smoke to safely cook by

So, I’m trying to rough it, and I’ve built a camp fire. Too much smoke. Dug a fire pit. Nope, too much smoke. Even went out and looted a brazier. Too much smoke.

Now, I’ve got a hotplate, but hotplate wastes batteries. Am I just doing something wrong, or do I really need a gas mask to safely use fire to cook?

Try building a wood stove, as it suppresses smoke entirely.

Making fire with wood skewers should also not produce any smoke.

a filter mask also works and is easier to get than a gas mask.

I ran into that problem in my latest game, but when I constructed a fire pit (using 40 rocks) an made a fire in the pit there was no smoke and I could cook without choking to death.

That’s because that’s actually a stone fireplace.