Small human groups

Hi. I don’t know if this is against Cata lore but I have idea- small human groups like in S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Few buildings in which we can repair/buy/sell items or buy some food/water. Price should be high and ,settlement" should be very rare. For me it is quite strange that our race didn’t create any ,societies"

Well there should be a refuge center run by the old guard.

I haven t ecountered it in a while but i think that you could also trade there.

Not sure if anything has been added to that location yet.

And bandit camps.

Oh,I never found refuge center. Thanks for info:)

The computer in the evac shelter can be used to locate your survivor shelter on the map (if any).

Make sure static npcs is on as well.

I can’t find this place… I have static and dynamic NPC. I checked the map with cheats and refugee center wasn’t there. Strange

Alright so I downloaded the last windows graphical (5243) and created two worlds with static npcs, and one world with static and random npcs. On all three I went to the terminal, hit 3, saw you mark the location, and… nothing.

Went back to 4876, the oldest one I have ready, new world, static npcs computer yadda… and there it was. So you’re not crazy.

Also on 5243 looks like it has a problem writing memorials.

Oh frick, so they won’t show if the static npc option isn’t on.

A problem writing memorials? Like what? did it give an error message? Or what?

And the shelter can be a long way away, you gotta scroll over the map distance.

And I used the search function on the map so I dunno.

So when did this error pop up? (It is my fault, I changed the way the memorial worked, so I will have to look into it). And what OS are you running and which language?

Doesn’t seem you are dead right? (You mention the search, so that is why I assume that, which makes it odd, as the function should only be called on death. Not that it matters much).

Sorry for the lack of details. I’m on Windows 10, English version I guess? lol, I Q’ed out, so yeah dead by suicide.

Just noticed it when I was popping in and out of worlds to look for the refugee center, its not related to the search.

Well that is odd, you never had problems with the game making directories before? For example when you create a new world?

(I changed the 1 line of code that causes this)

Can you check the memorial directory if there is now a ‘Green Lane’ directory in it?

and this is in the graveyard folder

And I’ve never had problems with programs creating folders that I know of.

So those files are saved in /save/Green Lane/ well… that is odd. Did the error repeat when you tried multiple suicides?

Every world I created and every suicide. Is it only me this is happening to? I can reinstall. I didn’t change any settings whatsoever except for the static npc (and random for the random test).

Oh and those files are saved in graveyard folder, there are no other folders in graveyard.

*Edit: I reinstalled, and tried just opening it, play now, changed nothing and… still the same memorial error. On a different note, I also tried looking for a refugee center. Found one on the third try with static npcs on so they’re still there. One mystery solved.

Well, reinstalling won’t change anything. I guess something doesn’t work as I expected in windows 10. So I’ll look into it tomorrow, have to work tonight. (It is odd, as create world should give the same error, or does it also say this when you create a new world?).

I don’t have a win10 machine for testing.

You don’t use any special names for your character right? As in letters from the russian alphabet (or korean for example).

Every time I used the play now options so I don’t think its special characters. I don’t get any error creating a new world.

If there’s anything else I can do to help let me know. I almost didn’t even mention it since I was looking for that refugee center. Oh and sorry to derail this thread Wojtek94, but it was for the greater good.

*Edit: Always preview before you post

To be honest, it’s never easy to find them anyway! But that idea of small homes in the middle of nowhere with trader NPCs that you could pay to get items fixed or buy items or even make them come with you soundsreally great and i think even doable with the actual stuff that’s coded in-game!

re: derail, have been busy working irl, and stuff. So have not looked into it. (hardly been at my computer). Thanks for the info Deadmerits, that will help.