Refugee Center crashes the game ver3458

Found a refugee center on experimental version 3438. If I go near it the game crashes. I moved my save file to 3458 and the same issue happens. Kinda sucks since this prevents me from activating the outpost.

It seems to apply on all refugee centers, as I tried teleporting elsewhere to test to find a new refugee center.

Upon further checking it applies to anywhere with static NPCs, like the necropolis. HALP.

I had this issue when I moved a survivor between worlds/versions once. Have you tried creating a new character in the world and seeing if they crash to?

It could work, but what would that mean for the game I’ve been working on for weeks? Hoping there’s a solution for my current game.

Same world, new character: crash
New world, old character: crash
New world, new character: okay

I’m really wondering what the cause is, since I don’t wanna waste all that effort I spent on this particular character.

I had the same issue with crashes caused by static NPCs. But only one particular survivor suffered from it, any new one’s made in the same world could travel to the refugee center or other areas without issue. I never managed to figure out the issue, just had to scrap my first true and furthest along survivor. Hopefully somebody can help you out here.

Alas, it seems like it’s not meant to be. The area around the base was such a perfect area, too… Ice lab for storage, nearby outpost, necropolis, and refugee center.

If you can post the save we might be able to at least track down what is causing the problem (even if we aren’t necessarily able to fix it). Without the save there isn’t much we can do though.

Good thing I got a backup, then.

So, I upload the entire save folder zipped in mediafire, yeah?

Here it is.

Fiddling around it for a bit, it seems that the crash is prevented if I turn off static NPCs. Not exactly what I want, but for now I’ll just avoid going near the refugee center in hopes that a solution can be done.