Sleeping inside military outpost gives mutation

0.C stable
windows 7 64

so i made a military outpost as my little base. moved all my items inside.

i put a rollmat inside the outpost and slept for a few hours

after 3 hours, i woke up saying that my stomach is full, but im feeling nauseous. also i got a new mutation

i had a radiation badge with me, but it remained ‘green’ (the radiation badge works fine, i tested with mini nuke)

i stood around my bed for a few hours but i was fine. it only happens when you sleep inside the outpost

i attached the save file link(dropbox) so others can test if they want. im currently inside the base, no radiation around me or on my body whatsoever.

OK, I located the bug. It’s not the radiation that’s bugged, it’s the badges.
While I rebalanced how radiation is applied to players, I though badges will somehow use that. They don’t and instead they use their own system, which is way less sensitive than the one players now use.

EDIT: BevapDin already PRed a fix before I wrote the post