Slave Cables/Jumper Cables

Act much like a rubber hose as far as gas and other liquids are concerned.

So alligator clips to start up a other cars battery, i could imagine it would just even the power between car batterys charging one if it is lower than the one you are charging it from

I’m fine with either way, but I also think that batteries should be attachable with just a wrench. Who needs a welder or duct tape to put on a battery. :stuck_out_tongue:

That would be really handy if you could attach more simple parts to a car without the use of a welder, I doubt you’d need one to attach a seatbelt or something to your car.

Or a wooden armor kit.

Or wooden frame and wheels. With a welder, yes.

You mean attach a fire. :stuck_out_tongue:

The goal is to build a recipe system for vehicle parts like with crafting and construction, then each part could specify which tools and components are needed to install it.

Yar, we know. We’re just being silly.