Is different tool requirements for vehicle part removal possible?

Since swappable storage batteries no longer need tools to remove, would it be possible to give custom tool requirements on different parts? Welders and hacksaws make sense for most, but not all vehicle parts. How about just needing a knife to remove seatbelts? Or a sewing kit to install them? Or a wrench and screwdriver and maybe a soldering iron to remove/install headlights instead of a hacksaw/welder? A block & tackle to install/remove engines, etc.

Same goes with repairing, instead of a charged welder to repair seats and seatbelts, maybe a charged sewing kit?

As you need a jack to remove weels afaik … The logic for this seems to be there.

There’s some hacky logic in place, I very much want to switch vehicle construction to a recipe-based system like crafting and construction, then you could have arbitrary requirements for different components, and working on your vehicle would scale more smoothly too, from replacing headlights/mirrors to changing tires, to structural repairs and alterations, and eventually to adding/removing engine and transmission elements.