Skeletal Juggernaut spawn rates too high?

Hello, I’m kinda into mid-game I got heavy survivor armor and stuff like that and tried looting a hospital and got greeted by a bunch of zombies and 3 Skeletal Juggernauts, and killed them all with unarmed dragon kung fu. Then headed back for the hospital and there were another 4 Skeletal Juggernauts?? And that’s just like the entrace to the hospital. Are there like 100 more inside? Earlier in the game my evac shelter got attacked by a horde consisting of 3 Skeletal Juggernauts and 1 hulk, that I narrowly survived thank god i had a Rivtech Automagnum and some bullets.

So is it just me or those seem to spawn in kinda ridiculous numbers nowadays?

Yeah, I’ve noticed the “gangs of three to five juggernauts” effect happening on a recent build too, though I’ve not been playing a lot the past week.
I had a mansion whose first floor had, I think it was, three juggernauts, a brute, and like five other miscellaneous zombies. As if a juggernaut had casually embezzled all the spawn points that should have gone towards filling the place up and gave it to his cousins instead.

Monsters in general seem to be way too high level. I took a break from playing some 2 months ago and came back about a week now and day 1 hordes have like 5 skeletal jugs, corrosives and feral predator and I think that’s a bit too much. Shouldn’t they scale with your progression? Has this been changed?

I mean, if you actually killed a hulk and 3 juggernaughts then it seems you have progressed far enough to need that type of threat lol. Juggers are pretty harmless though. Fighting is pretty much never necessary with them.

I assume your running the latest build? There’s been some issues with the most recent builds lately so if it’s causing you trouble you may want to downgrade temporarily. 14 days ago build seems to be doing nothing strange so it’s what I’ve been running for the past week after hitting a bunch of crashes and error messages trying the newer ones.

well they are quite close to my base and wack NPC’s really fast. They aren’t as much of a threat as a nuissance. But I mentioned I also seem to encounter them in gangs even pretty early in the game and I thought that was strange. Yes I can kill them unarmed combat is great!

I have a build from 4 days ago. So the spawn rates have been altered so do i just have bad luck?

I have the feeling that specials spawn far too often overall. It seems like a significant portion of zombie spawns, even on Spring start, are specials or even extremely dangerous evolved zombies. That’d be, what, five days post-Cataclysm? It seems odd to have so many specials that early. Towns are dangerous enough without feral predators and hulks running you down in the street minutes after starting a character.

Agreed. Usually I prefer massive hordes over a few special Zs, and the juggers are taking a hell lot of spawn points :pensive:.

There was recently a pr to remove a lot of the early game spawn chances of high level monsters, but I’m sure a bunch were missed. Also, it seems evolution is progressing faster than it should.

Skellies are pretty much annoying other than the hulks, being unstoppable without high armor penetration weapons and bullets cost lots of them to destroy one. But atleast they are very slow :wink:

While I have not seen a lot of Skeletal Juggernauts, I have seen a lot more of the Feral strains on day 1/2. Its quite brutal at times.

then here i am… believing that my evolution factor is too high to make those Skeletal juggernaut spawn too much…

intentional difficulty increase maybe?

i play CDDA for about a year now and never messed with the evolution or spawn options in the world settings, i always go default, yet only on my recent playthrough i noticed they spawn way too often and also really dangerous Z’s like feral predators and corrosives since the first days.

i also did start the game on summer. does that influence the evolution factor?

Yes, as it changes the time from the start of the game.

so starting the game on summer accelerates the monster evolution by 90 days or whatever season lenght you use?

Yes… You’ll wonder why corrosive zombies and skely jugs spawn at winter around the cabins (can’t recall the name of that scenario, but look for it and you’ll see :slight_smile:)

well i havent seen that mentioned anywhere in game and lots of people seem confused. guess that must be the cause

I always start with Spring and I’ve still seen a steadily increasing bump in monster spawns between dev builds

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yes the other reply seemed too far fetched. i dont think monster evolution scales with starting season.

on a side note i just started a sheltered start game and walked out of the LMOE shelter to be crushed to death by a feral predator and 3 survivor zombies.

are you devs really altering some things?? is it that hard to get some official confirmation

Sheltered start is supposed to be quite a few months after the cataclysm IIRC. That being the case, the Z evolution seems fitting.

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im pretty sure monster evolution has more to do with a gameplay perspective than realism/lore