Evolution is... a little questionable

I do understand that this is fun and all, but…
I’ve got Skeletal Juggernaut in a middle of my spawn city on day 2.
Smoking of code gave me that this is not a result of spawn (or I’ve missed something), but rather the result of evolution chain “mon_skeleton”->“mon_skeleton_brute”->“mon_skeleton_hulk”.
I’m feeling lucky ) The odds of this were… well, seems I can’t calculate, but very small.
This is fun, yes, but not realistic. Such a thing like Skeletal Juggernaut should form over weeks, if not months, as all that mass should come from somewhere and all that bone tissue should form. The Blob can make such a process relative quick (not saying even possible), but it still can not be instant.
So there should be some restriction on how early in the Cataclysm a particular monster can form.
If anyone cares, of course.

Found a (minor?) bug, by the way.
const int scaled_half_life = type->half_life * get_option( “MONSTER_UPGRADE_FACTOR” );
This should be float, right? Otherwise fractional values of upgrade factor will be rounded to nearest or something. It should be possible to play with 0,01 upgrade factor if one wish so, right?

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Sigh. There’s a lot of reasons you might have encountered a skeletal jug on day 2. At least one location still uses the old monster group, could be that. Could be the result of evolution kicking off incorrectly, sure. Could be that they wandered out of a lab or somewhere that they were supposed to be. Could be that there’s a monster nearby that’s force-evolving other things (though that creature spawning would also be unlikely on day 2 for the same reasons).

I can say that your situation is an outlier, not the norm, and I don’t know what you’re really asking for?

I in no way speak for the developers, but in my opinion, I think it’s fine if the occasional character is doomed to be smashed to death on day 2.

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If you have wander spawns enabled or start later than day 1, it’s a known bug.

Starts are hard enough, we don’t need noncanon stuff like endgame zombies making it harder

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