Sinkholes might be ninjas

Hi everyone,
I just wanted to tell you about sinkholes, the ninjas of Cataclysm DDA. I had my first encounter with a sinkhole a few minutes ago so I’m pretty sure I have no idea what I’m talking about. Here’s what happened, I threw a wooden spear at a rabbit and killed it; butchered the corpse and destroyed the meat, saw another rabbit north-west which was into the swamp. I headed towards it and after a few steps I fell into this orifice and now I’m apparently stuck there forever, no biggie. My most successful character got swallowed by the earth.
Anyone know a way out of this beast or should I just give up hope and try to overdose?

I committed suicide, I recommend you go around a swamp to get to a rabbit. They’re bait the swamp set up for you

You can use teleport to cheat your way out of it, other than that, just never go near swamps.



Yeah, I didn’t want to cheat but I suppose it would’ve saved me so much time and effort and thanks for the advice. You’d think I learned my lesson but I’m the kind of person who thinks bad things only happen once.

Bring rope next time you go in the swamp :stuck_out_tongue:

So rope will help?
Never fell in a sinkhole, but then, I learned my lesson about being anywhere near a swamp last month :stuck_out_tongue:

If you have rope in your inventory, and pass a check, you can throw it out to save yourself.
30 foot rope I think.

[quote=“n9103, post:7, topic:231”]So rope will help?
Never fell in a sinkhole, but then, I learned my lesson about being anywhere near a swamp last month :p[/quote]

Rope will “help” in that it gives you a random chance of surviving, but there’s still a good chance you’ll be instantly and effectively killed, and there’s usually little reason to enter the swamp, and rope is sort of cumbersome.

Perception 10 is meaningfully helpful, because with it you’ll be able to see the sinkholes. You’ll also be asked, “Do you want to die Y/N?” if you step on one anyway. This also prevents stepping on landmines.

True enough, and I can attest to the land mine thing :wink:

Land mine thing?

In other news! Another survivor lost to a sinkhole, it would appear I haven’t learned anything. I think I’m just gonna steer clear of rural areas and make an honest living selling drugs to every NPC and zombie I can find, of course since zombies can’t pay up I’ll give them a 3 minute head start before I take their undeadness away. Maybe I’ll create some sort of zombie prison, who knows.

spotting them with good perception, and getting a prompt to confirm you want to kill yourself if you try and step on one.

Well, shit. I was running from a cougar when I fell into one of these. Just cleaned out the suburb and hospital near my safehouse too, and that was the only pharmacy I knew about.

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