Simple suggestion: Potted meat

Hello everyone. Just a simple thought I had while browsing around and thinking about use of the clay canisters for “innawoods” style canning. Thus, potted meat.

TLDR. Alternate meat preservation recipe that would also allow use of clay canisters. Essentially hot meat is packed in a hot container to minimize microbes and air, and then covered in a layer of fat that melts, hardens, and forms an airtight seal. Could have a niche for long term food preservation without the use of modern materials.

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A good distraction from my project. Not all request mod man, just thought this was nice idea and wanted in my game. Does spoil, but at slow rate like beans. Needs clay canister, two meat, two fat. Here go, if anyone does survival mods want to implement this, go ahead.
Potted Meat


Woah what a champ. Thanks man.