Day 12 and all my canned food is rotten. What *should* I have been hoarding?

Question as in the title. Well, not quite all of it, but things are going bad left and right and I have no real reason to imagine that any of it will last much longer. If not canned food, what am I supposed to be storing up to eat?

just two words

meat jerky

dehydrated food. pemican and jerky.

good idea is to have barrel of salt water and barrel of water and them collect all eggs and turn them into dust (dehydrated powder) and them create meat jerky and finaly deluxe scrambled eggs

salt op nerf plox

They shouldn’t be rotting that fast. 12 days? That’s way too short for canned food.

Yeah, it’s a bit of a bug due to the fact that canned food isn’t ever really considered “sealed” IIRC. It’s a fix that’s definitely on my list to update, but I just haven’t gotten to it yet.

So if i take canned food out of the can it will rot as fast as in it?

Assuming nobody has made any stealth changes that I didn’t notice I believe so, yeah.

Ideally the system should eventually work like the sealed jars do, where there is a sealed can of food that doesn’t actually start to rot until you open it.

Smoked meat is awesome for the early game. Once you can find an ant hill and survive it ant eggs are the BEST food in the game IMO. 1 fills you up from very hungry and provides some quench, they never rot, and you find them by the hundreds.