Sidebar covers part of tiles (Build 8636)

The new sidebar covers up the right (or left, depending on your preference) side of the screen. As a result, my character tile is never centered and stuff or enemies to the right of me are less visible. I assume I’m not the only one, but considering I can’t find an unsolved post regarding this issue, I thought I’d formally mention it.

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I think you may have accidentally pressed a key that moved your view over a bit, you should be able to fix it by going to the shortcuts menu to find which keys will center you back.

I don’t believe I accidentally pressed anything, as when I pressed the button to recenter my view (:), nothing happened. I did, however, discover buttons to shift the view and I assume these are the buttons you were referring to. This does help immensely for now and I thank you, but I still feel that the view should actually center when you press “:”.

Edit: Especially because I now discovered that, with the view shifted over, pressing “x” doesn’t center the view on myself. I’m sure there are other things I haven’t quite figured out. But I do feel this needs to be fixed.


No, it’s definitely the new display settings, which treat the sidebar as an overlay, rather than a sidebar. Not so bad on a big screen with the pixil minimap turned off, but it would be very frustrating on a smaller screen.


Before I lazily set the tile width to my resolution, but I guess now we have to accommodate the sidebar to avoid flickering on animation? (Unless this is already fixed; updates are crazy fast)
So I guess the easiest fix is to subtract the width of the sidebar from your the resolution. Does anyone know what that is?