Moving sidebar little bit to the right

Can i move sidebar little bit to right? Its very annoying playing the character with small screen

Have you tried changing to the narrow sidebar? One thing you can do is adjust your font sizes, I think you could gain yourself a bit of space without losing the ability to read it. Zooming out doesn’t help?
How small of a screen are we talking here?

I just want to try about the narrow sidebar and now my game looks like this

Did you change your terminal settings? This looks like what happens to me when I change my terminal height/width and don’t restart the program. I’ve found that in order to get the terminal size changes to stick, I have to run in borderless window mode. If it turned this way after you adjusted your sidebar, I have no idea.

edit: I somehow managed to substitute the word font for terminal in every instance possible. Go me. Go to sleep…

Well,im gonna set it to default…thanks for your help and have a good sleep!