Additional commands for hacked robots and turrets

A few important control options for hacked robots and turrets:

  • Stop. The robot stops but it will continue to attack any hostile that comes within range.
  • Sleep mode. The robot stops and goes into passive mode and will not attack anything.
  • Follow close. The robot tries to follow the player staying right next to him/her. Effectively the robot would target the closest of the 8 tiles adjacent to the player, and try to walk on it. Ineffective command for turrets. Changes to “sleep mode” if the player enters stairs, or alternatively, the robot follows, considering its stair-traversing ability. Another approach for following: Keep track of player’s footsteps and follow them.
  • Go to this spot. The robot will start traversing toward a target spot (assigned by the player), assuming the spot can be walked on. If it can’t be walked on, it will target the next best thing - the closest walkable spot to the target, between the player and the target spot. (How good is the pathfinding anyway?)
  • Soft self-destruct. The robot dies non-violently.
  • Hard self-destruct. The robot dies violently in an explosion. Ask the player “how many turns to explosion”. Hacked tank drones and chicken walkers should go out in a glorious bang. Smaller bots go out in a less impressive manner.
  • Eject ammo. The robot or the turret in question will eject all of its remaining ammo, be it cartridges, gasoline or batteries.