Shouldn't you not see anything while sleeping?

While is it that I can still see things while my character sleeps? While the player is technically an outside controller, it still make sense to me. After all, you vision is limited when you have heavy eye encumbrance, so it makes even more sense when you are currently sleeping and not seeing anything at all! For a long time I’ve not understood why I can see the time of day and the light of it outside my window and watch zombies die by falling into holes several times. Although it is amusing.
Once my NPC buddy spontaneously choose to fight a giant spider filled house alone while I was sleeping, and with this change, it will add some mystery as to why this happened.

Most often the mystery you’d experience while being asleep is an NPC being an idiot or a thief.
You can’t ask NPCs for explanation, they won’t call for help, they won’t run back to you to wake you up to fight the thieves. As a compensation, you get to see the world through sleep paralysis’d body.
The end result is that you aren’t robbed of information you’d trivially obtain IRL.

It’s one of the many cases where a completely gamey mechanic ends up being more realistic than a partially realistic one would be.

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Would it be possible to add a mechanic where friendly NPCs yell for help if attacked while the player is asleep?

I usually wear a blindfold and ear plugs to keep from being woken up. I really don’t need the earplugs since I usually take heavy sleeper, but the blindfold is nice so you don’t wake up due to the sunlight.
Even if something happens while your asleep, I didn’t think there was a way to wake yourself up. The mechanic darktoes suggest would be pretty handy though.