Should Televisions be LCD instead of Ray Tube?

Given the prevalence of solar cars and nuclear powered bionic implants it seems odd that televisions would still be CRTs, as even present day I don’t know of anyone who still owns one.

But living near silicon valley I’m aware I don’t represent the majority of america so I wanted to get some feed back from other users before I submit this on Github.

it’s call “anachronism” the TVs of all things being old fashioned is funny.

well… isn’t cataclysm sort of like archer or fallout in regards to the time period anyway? i mean it’s just “somewhere in the far future” isn’t it? not a specific amount of time forward or back.

Kind of, its honestly more like, “alternate timeline present day”.

Could be rewritten thus: Resource scarcity in the future has made modern technology too expensive to mass produce, so many companies have started bringing back obsolete gadgets such as CRT monitors.

It would be kind of annoying to do - tedious but only that - but at the same time immersive, to have different television types. Modern TVs would yield more electronic scraps, old TVs would be, well, what they are now. You could also have small, portable, battery-operated televisions (those old things, anybody remember those?) that are CRT and yield smaller quantities of electronic guff, but have large battery capacities.

Wind up TVs and flashlights that can be disassembled to creat hand crank chargers.