Future Glasses

I was wondering if we could include some future glasses that preform basic functions?
For example keep track of time, monitor our body, if maps ever get changed so you don’t get one at the start this would be useful for that reason, Play games etc.
It could run on a variety of things for example, batteries for mark 1 and solar for mark 2.
It should be mostly impractical because i don’t see really much use for glasses keeping track of your life after the cataclysm starts.
(Im basing my suggestion on the stuff like Google glasses and the Oculus Rift)
I feel like this isn’t really needed at all now due to content bloat, but near the end of development something like this should go in, after all it is the future.

I like the general idea, but duct taping Google Glasses into Cata that are mostly impractical and do functions already covered by pick up maps (i.e. road map, survivor’s map, military ops map), wrist watches (of which there are several kinds of), the Self-Aware trait, and handheld game systems is a bad tradeoff for what a player can accumulate with 1 character point and a little luck.

However, I like the idea of adding in bits and scraps of forseeable things for the near future other than Star Wars weaponry.