Why are all the car panels metal?

Let me elaborate. The game is supposed to take place in the near future using primarily today’s tech with a little advanced/sci-fi stuff mixed in. While I do not know much about the New England area I would assume that the area would likely have modern cars. Most if not all use plastic paneling to cut on weight. So why does every commercial vehicle use sheet metal paneling?

Makes sense in the context of a game. Similar to that logic of modern guns in Fallout, even though that game is set during a quasi 1950’s era. Oh and robots! :wink:

Cause I wanna be able to smash a car and have my metal needs be satisfied

Dunno what type of car you drive but mine is pretty much all metal on the outside? There are a few plastic pieces such as rails along the doors to prevent parking lot morons and the bumpers? Unless your referring to the inside?

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This is probably related to the “get more parts from disassembling car” issue. Car components are simplified, and this includes the car body. Obviously there’s more to a “square” of a car than the usual frame and quarterpanel. There would also be glass, wiring, plastic trim, circuit board (for window and door controls), 12V window motor, rubber conduit (for where the wires leave the door and enter the rest of the car body), etc…

This is far into the future and I prefer they fix the bugs first before making the game more complex.