Should i abandon my character because it crashed?

hi i’m a new player my character crashed when i was auto sorting items and my friend said that this is savescumming now idk if i should since ive made some progress on this character i feel it’s just a waste to do it.

If the game crashes, it crashed. That is not a game mechanic like dying, and you’ve probably lost some progress, so you don’t gain much advantage from loading the last save (basically what savescumming means; reloading a save many times to get the most favorable outcome or change an unfavorable one).

Also, look: You’re playing a single player game. It will do no harm to anyone if you play it as you please.
A game should make fun, so do whatever you enjoy most.
This is a personal choice. Your choice, to be exact. No one can or should tell you how to play the game.


I agree with Valase. Play your single player sandbox game the way you enjoy playing it. Save scumming too much may cause you to rob yourself of a feeling of satisfaction when you achieve things, but giving up just because a bug or power outage crashes the game makes sense only to the most hard core of perma death worshipers (which is a perfectly OK stance by me, as long as it’s not pushed onto everyone else).

Bragging about achieving something but “forget” to mention that you save scummed to achieve it is dishonest, but if occasional recovery from crashes aren’t instrumental in the achievement I, personally, don’t think it’s worthy of mentioning. Obviously, resetting the computer or pulling the power cord of the computer to cause a crash and then continuing IS save scumming: if you’re going to do it, at least be honest to yourself and just kill the game instead.

So, technically, recovery from a crash is “save scumming”, but my distinction goes between it happening outside of your control or whether you caused it more or less intentionally (people can sometimes be very creative when it comes to fooling themselves, even to the extent that they actually believe it wasn’t intentional).

Use your own judgement, and if you’re comparing your character’s progress with your friend’s, it would make sense to agree on a common set of rules that both of you agree on (or, for that matter, agree to use different rules, but being open with what they are).

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it all depends on how you feel about. you don’t have to be a hardcore harry like your friend.
ultimately the game should be played for fun.
but if you still have doubts at least consider how long it was before a save, the shorter the more you should forgive it and continue playing.
I don’t usually count crashes as savescumming unless it saves me from a deathly situation, and even then it all depends on cheap the situaution felt. if it was unfair I keep going and count it as a lucky break