Crash turned out to be the best thing ever

Story is that my phone redirected me to an system update which crashed the game in turn losing the sniper rifle that i got at the armory and some mutations like nomad from mutagen when i came back i failed to access the armory and then this happend

does this count as save scumming? :clown_face:

Without question but i’m keeping the character since abandoning my character just because of a crash and the game is prone to crashes is not my type.

It very much depends on your personal view. The strict one is that any play lost with play resumed from a save is save scumming, while a softer one is to draw the distinction between whether the crash (and thus the subsequent recovery) was intentional or not.

On top of that you may use different criteria for when you allow yourself to recover from more or less stupid mistakes (or to perform experiments to figure out how things work): it’s a single player game, so you can’t really cheat, although bragging about achieving something that you really made possible by save scumming isn’t honest in my book, while clearly stating that it was is (and others ought to have the right to determine for themselves that such achievements are irrelevant to them).

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I view cata as more of a sandbox game rather than a survival one, and in line with that view I find no issue with constantly reloading from saves.

I find myself closing out of the game more often than not. I’d rather learn from my mistake and press on, or explore alternative ways of handling situations. The big thing for me is not losing a bunch of progress and hours of my life over something trivial. Permadeath can be fun, but adding an option to save and reload whenever would be fantastic.

As far as I know you can save almost whenever. I turn off auto save and save manually in order to have control over it. I’m not sure if you can save while in the middle of combat, though, but think you can, and if you can’t, having to roll back to a slightly earlier position isn’t much of a problem. It’s also possible to copy saves so you can e.g. experiment from a known starting position, or ensure you have a fallback in case the save gets corrupted.

I believe that what entity meant is for the game to save the current state as a queue of events, and then loading any save turns into replaying an event queue. Similar to how lockstep strategy games do it. When you have such an event queue, you can stop replaying at an arbitrary event, and thus resume from whenever you want.

Hm, I read Entity’s post more like a request to add a regular “Exit without saving” (as an option to choose when quitting) and a way to keep multiple saves around (not overwriting the current one) so you can reload from a different save state.

“Exit without saving” already exists in the form of SIGKILL. A menu from which to choose savegames would indeed be nice, right now my workaround is using filesystem snapshotting.

I mean, you can kill it from the task manager, ALT+F4, just close it with the X in the top right corner or use the debug menu, and some more techniques. That’s not the point. The point is that there’s no regular “Exit without saving” option in the normal game play.

The world saves its state when the character dies, last minute alt-f4 means the player and everything that happened up to that death remains persistent in that world, causing zombies to be elsewhere or the character’s corpses and gear being duplicated when reloading the last save. Just having a means of loading a previous save directly from the pause menu and delaying world saving until after returning to the main menu is all I want, it would be a huge QoL improvement for more casual players such as myself.

usually i forbid myself from ever save scumming whether i die or make mistakes every death or mistake for me is set in stone unless someone somehow made a time machine but crashes and bugs are not intended by the devs and neither most people here soo i think it’s okay to continue the character and show any good achievements that happend afterwards while i respect your opinion about the matter for me your view delegitimize the players achievements and there playthroughs just because of random crashes or bugs that they have no control of.

I think you misunderstood my post. I presented a number of possible views, starting with the strictest one. That does not mean it’s the one I prefer (it isn’t actually, and I don’t think it’s dishonest to recount exploits for characters resumed after unintended crashes wiped out parts of their actions, although if I would somehow end up in story mode I’d probably mention that crashes had happened, just for the record).

Also note that I don’t think it’s relevant to mention how information about game mechanics have been acquired when discussing how the mechanics work, unless that indicates the quality of the info.

I see i think it’s best to quicksave especially for actions that are likely to crash your game like sleeping mitigate the effects of the progress loss.