'Savescumming' punishment

So, I tried the new nightly build and its seems that you’ve added an anti-savescumming feature that activates whenever the game thinks you’re savescumming. Start with 25 speed and hallucinate for one turn, spawn a brute and a sizable horde nearby, the works. This is fine and everything.

I also noticed the game still crashes regularly.

The game also thinks I’m savescumming when the last area I (auto-)saved in is in an infested city and the game crashes.

I’ve also been trying out the new Hardcore trait.


You can see where I’m going with this. This happens a lot.

I mean punishing savescumming is fine in itself, but I’d really prefer if you guys added this feature later when the game is much more stable and complete. At the moment there isn’t even much reason to savescum anyway unless you get yourself killed and don’t want to lose all your hard-earned skill levels, since items are kept on your corpse (most of half the time, anyway. Damned glitches).

The way it theoretically punishes savescumming is also kind of sketchy. I mean, this would really only be a nuisance to characters you’d want to keep from permadeath anyway, but this is just plain brutal to characters just starting out that this often accidentally activates on.

I mean seriously, with early game gear the brute does substantial damage even using the window trick (if there’s even one nearby), and unless I crafted a longbow with enough ammo, and have enough speed to kite it effectively, range is out of the question. And that’s just the brute, did I forget to mention the dogs?

This normally isn’t a problem for me since under most circumstances I don’t get myself surrounded and if I do I deserve that death, but when very dangerous things spawn very near to me out of thin air every time the game crashes is when it crosses the line. This simply doesn’t need to be in the game, at least not yet.

There is no anti-save-scumming feature.

Are you trying to use a save from an older version of the game? Did you download the new version OVER the old version?

The newest version is generally pretty crash-free (I’ve not found one after extended searching), so I suspect you’ve screwed up your installation somehow.

If you save the game at a military bunker then reload the game, a new turret will spawn for every turret remaining. This only happens on the first reload though. Close the game and reload again and they’re gone. Happens inside labs too. Maybe it happens with other monsters.