Should doors be that loud?

When I open/close a door, the ‘Sound’ info indicates 11. I’m assuming that a sound level 11 could be heard 11 squares away. That’s quite high, compared to steps (which produces sounds between 2 and 6) and melee fighting (which produces sounds between 5 and 8).

I understand that some doors (especially the old wooden ones) could make noises that loud, but I doubt that your standard run-of-the-mill door should be that noisy. I can see people on youtube playing C:DDA and their doors make a 5-level sound, so is doors making an 11-level sound normal? Does that sound level relate to what I’m wearing/wielding or to what the door is made of? Is my assumption of how the sound system works correct (and if not, how does it work)?

I’m playing build 8544, IIRC. I would be glad if someone could clear those misunderstandings to me.

EDIT: I’ve been playing more attention to doors and noted that not always the doors are that loud. Couldn’t figure the pattern yet, but it mostly stays in the range 6 to 11. 11 seems quite high, though.

Doors open at volume 6 and close at volume 10. The volume is unrelated to door type.

A standard person can hear a volume 10 sound event that occurs no more than 9 tiles away assuming that the weather isn’t dampening the sound.

Monster hearing is weird and complicated but works on similar principle - you can basically expect that monsters with normal hearing will react to volume 10 sound events that occur within 10 tiles of them, but there are huge amount of caveats there. Many monsters don’t have normal hearing, monsters react to clusters of sound, and there are more complications under the hood, but the basic concept holds.


If you want a quick fix for the whole sound thing, there is a bug with crowbars; if you pry a door that isn’t locked, you’ll get the prompt “Blah blah blah open door something about noticing” and it won’t make any noise at all, your only issue is trying to close the door then. Try not to think a lot about tiles anyways, if you think too long you’ll see how many blatant infinitives there are in the game. (Tile size mainly, volume of items, how much weight you can carry, and skills and stats being in numbers…)

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