Sound number display

I did some testing and from my understanding the sound number that is seen in the HUD gives the tile range from how far I could hear the sound Im making at that moment. I dont see how this is usefull game play wise other then a roughf indicator.

I dont know Enemy’s hearing range and you could say well that comes with experience but there are to many enemys in game and to much varibles active to get a good read even after playing for years. I asked a couple off times on the DDA Discord and nobody knew either.

It is kinda realistic how it is now but not verry helpfull, Im wondering if this is intended and the sound value is there only to give you a rougf indication telling you a gun shot is loud?

Also I noticed that weather silents the sounds you making with snow being the best in that, the wierd thing about it is that it doesnt matter if im inside or outside.

Does enemys stike sound, (Sound indicator tells me I hear 4 sound with good hearing so I asume its doing 5 noise) alert other enemys?

If I’m not mistaken enemies hear sounds out to half their value (i.e 10 sound noise, enemies hear it 5 tiles away) and will pursue it for as many turns as the value.
Unless they have good hearing, in which case they hear it to the full value and might pursue it longer.

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Thx for the answer. If thats the case is good hearing even a good thing then? that 10 noise will be 12 with good hearing if it isnt more.

You having good hearing will raise the noise shown on the noise indicator, but only as far as you are concerned. Enemies will still hear it at the same value. If enemies have good hearing (I’m not sure which do) then they’ll hear you from further away.

Good hearing is more precise with the sound location and if you get the hearing bionic you will know exactly where the sound is coming from.

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The sound number display is unintuitive and misleading if you asked me, I did see ( hear ) it all wrong all those years I play the game.

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But itt gives an indication of how loud the sound you’re currently making is. Makes sense to me. Unintuitive perhaps, but I wouldn’t call it misleading.

I allways asumed the number that is displayed is the distance enemys can pick it up.

But apparently its Decibels that are being showed…A tikking clock does on avarage 20 DB btw.

If there are only 2 kind of hearings for enemy’s why not show the default value in range it can be picked up? I bet thats how 90% of the people who played this game read it anyway.

If the game is trying to simulate a decibel outread then make sure those numbers make sense as they now dont do that at all and only add to the confusing.

Edit: Ah I got this wrong, The number that is being diplayed does make sense now I know how it works but as soon you hearing get enhanced or weaken those numbers dont add up anymore…Also how the hell should some one figure this out by playing the game?

Most of the game works that way unfortunately. Learning to play is basically a combination of luck, trial and error, and asking the devs.