I need to wear earplugs 24/7

I’m not sure if this is a bug or maybe someone being a little to triggerhappy(?) with sound levels but it seems that almost every sound now causes either deafness or ear ringing. It’s happened across most of the newer experimental builds. Not only do these sounds cause deafness but some of them up in the range of 13000+ duration. I really don’t understand how a zombie brute pounding on a wall nearby hurts my ears.

Anyways. I’m running the latest experimental build as of 10/17/15 (Will update with string when possible)
Windows 10 SDL

I don’t have any hearing mutations other than the Good Hearing trait. Though, I don’t think someone with good hearing would be deafened by ramming shrubs in a motorcycle.

If you need additional information, let me know.

It sounds like ear damage is being calculated after Good Hearing amplifies how far you can hear sounds. The sound heard is generated with a louder source to simulate being heard from a farther distance. Guns and structure collapses(?) are louder for a couple months now, they are getting amped a lot with Good Hearing if they go off near you.

Nah it happens even with poor hearing. The problem is that decibels are computed multiplicatively, and the deafness duration is additive to infinity.

It also doesn’t take into account falloff or distance, and acts if everything in the reality bubble is right next to you.

As an example, a hulk taking a room down or a zombie dog chewing on a gas tank will usually deafen you no matter how far away, but the gas tank is only one high sound event and will have a lower chance of deafening you and have a much lower duration, whereas the hulk is a whole ton of crash events that all multiply against each other and make the duration super long.

How I deal with it:

debug -> lua console -> player:remove_effect(“deaf”)

Yeah, I went from playing BlackBelts to playing Bionic Monsters because of this.

Well, this and the Bionic Monster’s !!FUN!! and prevalence on other scenarios.

Now though, the hostile survivor population seems to have lost the respect for the deaf community it once had, as hostile survivors who would just rob you now attack deaf people on sight.