Shotguns no longer always hit?

I don’t get it. Why change the shot ammo dispersion from 0 to 800?
It was supposed to simulate shotgun spread.

Because overall all guns become initially 5 times more accurate. And some shotgun are more accurate than sniper rifles by its stats.
So I have to do something to prevent shotgun beeing absolutely accurate on short range with zero skills character. Easiest and much more moddable way- is this. Adding disperion to shotgun ammo.

Don’t worry- they are still accurate on their close range. And yes - they still hit.

I recommend to try it out first. Even without skills remintgon has efective range at 4 tiles. And average skills effecive range will be larger then its maximum range.

If there is any problem like shotguns can’t hit anything a tall - report it.

The shot doesn’t really spread crazily in all directions IRL. There’re lots of videos on YouTube showing how accurate they really are contrary to what’s shown in games. So ‘shooting in the general direction of the enemy’ is not the best strategy. The thing that could help is the mechanic for a partial hit.

Point is, the shot is not going to hit a bull’s eye at any range just because it’s shot and spreads. It’s going to hit if you aim properly, and the better your aim is, the more shot pellets are going to hit. So it’s generally harder to miss entirely while shooting a shotgun, but a solid hit still depends on your aim.

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And shooting shot through a rifled barrel creates an expanding shot ring.

Typically most slugs are themselves rifled.

Slug rifling is a combination of marketing and a mechanism to keep them from jamming in a choke.

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More “proper” shotgun rebalance coming:

It is not perfect but it should make shotguns fill prevous role wtihout hacky things.

Though I dont know how the shooting works completely are there values on targets determining their size? Like if a runner zombies is some distance away and is slim it is harder to hit while a hulk at the same distance would be easier to hit due to its larger size?

Target size already used in ranged hit calculation. Smaller target harder to hit. Bigger are easier. Most zombies has medium size hovewer. But, for example zombie chilndrens are smaller and harder to hit. It happens for all types of firearm. And targeting screen aready reflecting that.

However shotgun do not get any special bonus for using shot ammo in that case.

but it’s still common practice?

The point is that slug “rifling” doesnt impart spin, it doesnt make slugs more accurate.

wouldn’t barrel rifling provide spin making slugs more accurate?

Barrel rifling and slug “rifling” are two different things.