Shoot through vehicle

I was wondering, are weapon shots stopped by vehicle part completely? I tried to shoot from driver’s seat of a car through open door and shots never came out, I managed to kill Z only when he was adjacent to me (on door tile).

some but not all parts will stop bullets.

I think it’s anything that would push something while the vehicle is moving (I think it includes quarter panels which you should be able to shoot over :-/ ) I know Boards, windows, and the various doors will block if they’re closed.

The most annoying are mirrors :frowning: they also stop everything from arrow to machinegun bullets and probably even 40mm grenades.

I don’t think I’ve ever had a mirror survive driving long enough to realize that they were bullet shields! I got so sick of them breaking off every time you nick the slightest thing that I gave up and switched to security cams.