Shelter Kits cannot be constructed without damaged shelter kits

This is sort of weird, eh? I mean, you can’t make your own without a previously broken one?

You can’t jury rig a wood’s version of one for some reason.

Seems like it would be pretty easy to fix in the recipes.

Should be a second recipe: takes another point of skill or so?

You should still be able to make one from scratch. There’s two recipes there, one that takes just parts, and one that takes a damaged kit as well.

The secondary recipe that includes a damaged shelter kit is there to salvage a damaged one and bring it back to normal status without having to use all the resources it takes to make one from scratch using the normal recipe.

eh… by the way, and why should there be two different recipes with identical names (shelter kit) i wonder: one of the two is a repair recipe and should probably be named accordingly to avoid confusion. just noticed myself (0.A-8343-g76279a7).

Holy thread necro Batman! But you can’t rename recipes. That’s not how it works. The name of the recipe is the name of the item created and that’s that.

In other words, “it’s an engine limitation.”

Odds are it’s only going to get fixed if someone takes on the mostly-thankless task of rebuilding that part of the game engine, and that’s only going to happen if one of the people who’re irritated enough about it do it themselves - or if some new content or w/e needs that part of the engine rebuilt anyway.

thank you, i didn’t know that.

well, i’ve only found two duplicates so far, and the detailed recipes themselves are enough to quickly sort out which is which so it’s by no means critical. however they are not next to each other in the list (which is another little improvement i’m going to request in another thread, hehe), and my perfectionism pushed me to report.

…and it’s that same perfectionism that pushes me to re-use things whenever possible including reanimating antique threads =) so if it’s a sin… well, it’s just another one that i happen to enjoy =)

There are a lot of them actually:

*fruit wine must in Food
*XL jumpsuit
*XL gas mask
*XL rebreather mask
*long fur scarf
*sleeveless leather trenchcoat = in Armor
*leather vest /
*sleeveless trenchcoat /
*sleeveless fur trenchcoat /
*pair of tentacle sleeves /
*pair of fingerless gloves /
*pair of tentacle stockings /
and so forth

And all of them exist for a reason. Check the “id_suffix” field. Different routes to the same goal are a legitimate use for a second recipe, and will continue to be thusly legitimate until such time as someone rewrites the crafting code and JSON parser.

You volunteering?

wow =) a real nice way to defend a somewhat lame ui slip. no one’s challenging one of the roguelikes’ basic principls of different routes here. it’s just that two identical entries in the febrication menu, not even placed next to each other in the list qualifies as lame ui, but again it’s not critical and no one wants to start a fight over it. just, you know, making suggestions =)

sure. but not for coding, sorry: i’m nothing at it. i’m trying to take care of one of the wikipedia articles, trying to do a new translation =)