Missing Recipe Issue

During my most recent playthrough, I failed to obtain the brazier recipe upon hitting level 1 mechanics. In a previous playthrough, something similar happened, with me not getting he suppressor recipe. (Stable .8)

Are you sure you’ve got the proper skills for them?

Both recipes are present in the .json and work fine when I test them.

According to the wiki it’s just mechanics 1, nothing else. If that’s right then yeah, I’m sure. These happened in two different saves, I got one of them after mechanics 1, and the other did not show.

I think it uses fabrication now, not mechanics.

Brazier requires fabrication 1.

Suppressor requires mechanics 1 and firearms/marksmanship 1.

When the game seems to be updated pretty much every day, the wiki can fall behind fairly quick ><

That would explain it. Thanks!