Shelter idea: Treehouses

Would treehouses be a possible thing in cataclysm?

I’d presume not, due to every tree occupying a single tile and that’s it, but perhaps something similar to the simple shelter could be a thing. It could allow players to move into the tree’s tile and sleep in it, and of course giving them a level of coverage that would allow the player to hide from things but still permit a good sight range outwards. Good for hunters and hiders from zombies alike!

It makes me wonder if trees could be a multi-space and z-level object, it’s trunk being a single tile and then one level above there being a 5x5 space or so of tree space, depending on the tree species. If so then people could build a nice little space for themselves in the trees and players could also then use the trees to traverse forests in the canopy instead of walking through it if they have an introduced perk like acrobatics or something.


I like the idea. Be a good way to at first have a safe place to sleep in the wilderness and possibly a small shelter once you have the materials to build it.

Would be really nifty if at some point it was possible to build a network in the trees in the +1 height zone.

… imagination running rampant.

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You’ll need large trees for treehouses, otherwise treehouses will only be 1 tile large

I guess an oak tree would work best as they have strong horizontal branches, or a linden (or how it is called) as they are as tall as oaks by my house, but they don’t have strong branches. Maples are somewhat good, but most maples I have seen are too low to have any practical use in CDDA-situations.

This is from my experience, had 2 treehouses built when I was a kid

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I’m picturing a Swiss Family Robinson type of treehouse, but maybe with less singing and more moans of the undead from below. :grin:

XD I was thinking more of a ‘Ewok village’ vs stormtroopers zombies with laser rifles based setup

except in this case it would be vs zombie spitters, grabbers, and any other a few zombie types that would be well adapted to climbing into the trees and into places they shouldn’t be to cause just enough trouble to avoid being able to easily bottleneck/raise the ladder against the horde

of coarse no-path would probably have to trigger zombies attacking the trees themselves…


Monkey mutations would help with that. A non-threshold acrobatics trait not being required for tree travel but does signifigantly help with the speed of which you can go from branch to branch. Alternatively you could build yourself bridges everywhere.

For the ewok village you’ll have to find a way to give bear mutants the size decrease mutations of the mouse line. And yes, ranged and hunter type zombies would generally be your only threat in the trees while a grappler would be able to yank you out of the trees. Others are inconsequential for the most part. Only melee zombie you’re going to have to fear is the brute and hulk type that might knock down the trees, for I doubt a normal type zed has enough strength to damage trees.

Non-zombie threats would include the couger and snakes climbing into branch space, npcs, and so on.

Climbing into mycus trees would also be a thing I’d imagine, though I don’t know why you would. Fruit maybe? Oh! Large fruit trees wouldn’t simply be harvested anymore! You’ll have to physically climb the tree to pick the fruit if there aren’t any low-hanging ones or ones that have fallen to the ground. You could also try to hit the tree hard enough for the fruit to shake loose if you can’t climb, or use a long stick to whack them off the branches.

…I only meant the the general air of the fight, not physically replicating it with CDDA. Although that is a lot of interesting ideas.

Would probably be best to have bridges everywhere… but if monkey mutation was (added and) taken then it would be more advantageous to just travel via the branches… maybe bending/arborsculptureing them into a bit of a weave to further increase speed

grabber would yoink you out, or pull itself into the arbor realm, in similar though far more zombie-awkwardly fashion… hm could yoink you straight out of the trees if its in a bad position

'the grabber zombie grabs you
you fail to break free of its grip
the grabber zombie pulls you closer
you lose your grip on the branch!
your injured falling to the ground

hmm agreed it would be difficult for a horde to push against single trees like they can walls. I was thinking of the hordes just kind of bashing against stuff and weakening the superstructure until it failed like a 7days or similar voxel creation, but those mechanics don’t really lend themselves well to CDDA trees

Hmm, yeah arbor gathering in general would be interesting… perception would have to increase chance of successfully finding tree-loot when its not natural growth (bird nests and the like)

I like where your head is at good sir

there are so many fun directions this game can expand, I seem to find more enjoyment on where it can be than actually playing it XD. The lore and mechanics are so fun to think around its like a more enigmatic version of building voxel worlds.

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