Tree hugging zombies

I don’t remember where I got this idea, but I’ve been thinking about it for a while and want to see what you guys can add.

Tree Hugging zombies or hippy zombies, they can be found next to trees in forests bordering towns or just near towns, and you might get them falling out of trees randomly when you chop it down, hit it, or just make some loud noise.

One idea I had was that they might might a big ring around you, all holding hands, and maybe when they finish it you would loss morale for being scared, or they might actually try to attack you when they finished making the ring, I don’t have a clue, but it could be kinda cool if there was some that was, well, kinda cool that they could do once they finish the ring.

I get that the zombies as they stand now are all different because of physical factors, not mental, but maybe all the weed hypnotised them before they got bitten, and they might be more conscious than we thought, I’m kinda just making stuff up, but it could be really cool though.

Also, not that there is a way to do this in the game currently or anything, just a thought, but they might try to chain themselves to you, thinking that you are something they have to protect and that is how they have protected things in the past, just some food for thought.

This is a significant departure from the existing lore, and isn’t a good idea separate from that.



Your satire needs more thought, it wasn’t very humorous, and didn’t left any afterthought at all.

Even if hippy jokes weren’t completely played out, this would still be very hamfisted.

I wasn’t going for humour, I’m going for your thoughts, your thoughts on how it could fit into the lore, not what you would judge it on a scale of 1 to 10. How could this be implemented, fit the lore, and be pretty fun or just a neat mechanic or addition. Like, maybe if you wake up one morning and they are surrounding your house, and as soon as you see one out the window, you start losing morale and you have to find a way to dispose of them quickly so as not to lose too much or let them kill you first.

Maybe as you go through streets mowing down hordes with a shotgun, you start collecting a few who keep their distance from you, and eventually make a ring around you and it starts lowering your morale since that would be kinda scary, and you have to find ways around that, going through sewers occasionally, jumping through houses, pegging rocks and things at them, or a molotov.

It’s almost adding something for the sake of it, but the sake of it is simply adding more depth, which isn’t a bad thing.

Also, they wouldn’t have to be hippies, just saying.

This sounds like something Grifter would come up with.

If you’re being serious this is a bit of a bizarre idea. Like, really bizarre. It seems as though you’ve been thinking up an idea for something else and just tried to smash it into DDA.

However, I do really like the idea of elusive monsters/people which aren’t actively just trying to rush and kill/bite/eat you and are a little bit more non-direct in their methods of harming you/doing stuff. Most RL’s have monsters that either melee you, range attack you or cast spells, whereas something a bit deeper would certainly be welcome.

I’d suggest you rewrite the original post as it’s pretty ridiculous (and just sounds as though you’re the one that’s been doing the smoking) and come up with a more general, well thought out idea of a non-physical attack monster, as I think it’s a great idea, just not with how you’ve presented it.

Binky, I am looking for your ideas, this is as far as I have gotten, and I am asking if you guys have anything to add to it.
I will add to it as soon as we have ideas, but like I said, I have been thinking about this for a while and would like to get a bit of a second opinion, and thought you guys were best fit, since it’s what you guys do around here, come up with stuff to add, at least I would hope that’s what you’re here for.

Anyways, i think this is really weird. The zombie lurker was an idea i always liked, but this… is creepy.

This isn’t a good idea, but for some reason the idea of something ambushing you when you cut down a tree is interesting for some reason. Perhaps a triffid zombie? We do have fungal and bee ones. Perhaps (To make it different from a bee sting one) a zombie wrapped in vines that is very fast but can’t hit due to it’s vines binding it.

Heck, we have jabberwockys and shoggoths. Why not some sort of Ent? Kind of like Lief from Don’t Starve, but with a CataDDA bent to it.

I read that there are elves now, so I guess there would be elf zombies.

The ‘elves’ are just a nicknamed mutagen blend named after the mythical creature (because lab nerds play DnD and probably wanted to make their elven waifu with the powers of forbidden government black science.)

As to the tread topic fungal cultists (at least, they have a desire or goal to spread the stuff)are a legit faction type when you check the factions screen. So there may one day exist a group of people who want to protect and save ‘the forest’ while doing shedloads of hallucinogens… but I somehow doubt they’ll have any qualms about taking a chainsaw to your face, or filling you full of holes.

That’s the most I can grant you though.

Heck, we have jabberwockys and shoggoths. Why not some sort of Ent? Kind of like Lief from Don’t Starve, but with a CataDDA bent to it.[/quote]

Triffid Queens are quite nasty enough (w/o just torching 'em) IMO. :wink:

[quote=“John Candlebury, post:3, topic:5434”]Meh


Your satire needs more thought, it wasn’t very humorous, and didn’t left any afterthought at all.[/quote]

Your satire of inadequate is bad. Needs more harsh words! :stuck_out_tongue:

So far though, you haven’t really provided any ideas to work with - just some stuff about hippies and monsters that surround you and don’t directly attack you. I get that you’re just brainstorming (and that’s great) but maybe flesh your ideas out further so people can work with them more instead of asking them to do the work.

I personally think that some non-direct damage monsters would be great, or ones which work together coherently in a group. Coding group behaviour isn’t as difficult as it sounds (in the languages I know anyway) so there can be interesting ways for things to interact when they’re in proximity to each other. For instance, to run with turtleagldragon’s idea, perhaps a group of over 5 of these monsters could cause a severe morale penalty or cause mental effects. This would mean that your priority would be thinning them out as soon as possible.