Climbing trees to escape danger without using Z-levels

I ha a thought earlier that it sure would be nice to be able to interact with full grown/mature trees and climb them to escape danger. Perhaps you just started a new toon and have no way to kill an attacking cougar before it kills you. you could climb a tree and throw rocks at it until it dies for example.

As far as working within the game mechanics, I’m picturing a player interacts with the tree, selects the option to climb the tree and then occupies the same tile as the tree while being immune to any attacks EXCEPT ranged/environmental. your stamina should be used up at the same rate at which you would otherwise have spent it while running and any action other than simply ‘waiting’ should have a small chance for you to ‘tumble from the tree’ with random damage. hulks or anything else normally able to destroy a tree will still destroy the tree resulting in you tumbling with random damage.

climbing the tree should also take up say… 5 turns or so…

any thoughts? i really like this idea an would like to find a way to make it compatible and appealing to others in the hopes that I see it in a stable release :wink:

I like the idea. It should be limited some how. Maybe the effectiveness could be affected by strength?

Planned, but will first need a bunch of other features.

For one, z-level vision, which currently doesn’t happen.

If t included the ability for zombies to shake you out of the tree by attempting to smash it… XP

random dragon fruits nomnomnom.

Well things like this are going to happen with proper z lvls i guess?
Can t wait to jump on a roof.

Or the end result would be like a drop bear. Drop dragon? :V

Don’t forget we’d also need the trees to be multi-z-level if we’re really making it more complex than the OP’s suggestion…

Im specifically picturing this NOT needing z levels to work as I described. You shouldnt need z-level vision for it since your z-level wont be changing. You’ll just occupy the same tile as the tree and be immune to non ranged/environmental damage.

And I meant to add in something about effectiveness and chance to fall being dependent of strength and dexterity.

Perhaps if you climb a tree, your map changes to reflect your height and show the same distance that you would see with Scout or binoculars every time you climb a tree.

We’re intentionally avoiding hacks like this, because they clutter up the code and discourage implementing proper support for navigating vertically.

[quote=“Random_dragon, post:6, topic:10446”]Or the end result would be like a drop bear. Drop dragon? :V

Don’t forget we’d also need the trees to be multi-z-level if we’re really making it more complex than the OP’s suggestion…[/quote]

who said it needs to be more complex?

Its just a tree you hiPpy tree fondling elf dragon

Then again, are we working towards making z-level support mandatory or optional like it is now?

We’d need this hack if we’re keeping z-levels optional.

…you are what you eat, I guess. XP

Mandatory. It’s such an essential feature (and there’s so many later things that depend on it) without any real drawbacks, so it’s totally intended to be mandatory.

Also (at least in the area I’m in) the vast majority of trees really are more than 1 z-level, with probably 2 stories being the average inside most cities, with 3 or more in the national forest areas. (And even if they weren’t “escaping” wouldn’t really work on a 1 story or less tree because the zombies could still reach you anyways).

It’s definitely going to be non-optional, the reason it is optional now is some of it is broken and inconsistent.
Once it is working properly overall, the option is going away and the code that allows it to be optional will be removed.

Aw well, so long as we can get it working, we can be one step closer to Cataclysm: Dorf Days Ahead.

It can’t happen without proper liquids support. We won’t be able to show the once dreary New England hamlets that the only proper way to deal with zombies is to add magma until it can be pumped, directed, and at last channeled at high pressures into wherever the problem lies.

Also, why aren’t bone crossbow bolts a thing yet? Though then we could use tainted bone for naturally poisoned bolts…

Liking this one :smiley:

Or a tainted bo e knife/spear/arrowhead/dart/etc

Exactly. I was thinking poisoned weapons could be implemented rather simply as an item flag that deals extra damage and other effects on hit, then ensure that zombies and other logically-immune monsters are unaffected.

Then we can surpass our goal of becoming Cataclysm: Dorf Days Ahead by allowing something even DF has yet to figure out. I oughta eat the modder that first added the useless “decorate weapon with frozen venom” reaction to Wanderer’s Friend, fucking every single WF derivative out there copies that recipe. =w=

I was beginning to like you Random_Dragon, but then you re-ignited my craving for Dwarf fortress and now I must track you down and clobber you upside the head with a drowned goblin!!

Sigh… Gnomoria and rimworld are also excellent games that I recomend to df or cata dda lovers

Nyet. Still hungering for .40.25 to come out. ;A;

Now to get back on topic, I do wonder whether we’ll implement randonly-genned tree appearances, or a fixed appearance, once 3D trees are a thing.

I wasnt aware that 3d trees were even a planned thing.