Sharp items, not sharp

fingertip razor bionic, and X-Acto knife can not be used for butchering

An X-Acto is sharp enough, but not big enough to butcher with. It’s got a cutting edge some 15mm in length - even scalpels are bigger. I’d imagine the same logic applies to the razor-fingers.

Yep. You’d basically be making small amounts of shredded meat more than anything with blades that small, I’d think.

Blades like that are great for certain parts of the butchering process, like skinning, but for the majority of the work they’re really poor. I was thinking we could add marginal stuff like that back in as very low quality butchering tools once that makes a difference (it might already, haven’t checked recently).

interesting so those items are not for butcher is there any reason why a 55 gallon drum can not be place in the trunk of a truck?

55 Gallon drums have 850 volume. Car trunks have 650 capacity. You’ll need a cargo carrier or cargo rack in order to store it.