Nailguns seem to have lost their ability to hammer

no hammering quality is assigned to them as of 1906.

I actually was frustrated with hatchets, I can’t apply them to cut things, even though they can be used as a cutting tool in recipes. I know they’re not as precise as a knife, but you could at least expect a hatchet to butcher a corpse.

I’m pretty sure hatchets will already be used to butcher corpses. The butcher function automatically sorts through your inventory and finds the very best thing you have on hand to butcher with and then uses that.

Hatchets cannot butcher corpses. Period. It’s annoying. I imagine the OPs change is probably a design to reworks tools, especially considering we have a lot more of them.

Um… I literally just checked this, both in game and in the codebase. Hatchets can butcher things just fine, with a butcher_factor() of -16, only slightly worse then the starting pocket knife which has a butcher_factor() of -17.

Must be new. Hatchets never butchered the past few months ago.

What do you mean they didn’t?
Hatchets could have been used to butcher as long as I remember (since 0.8).

I do wish they’d be assigned the knife action, though. Otherwise, what’s the point of upgrading from a hammer? It’s not like they cover the function of two tools the way they are. I.e. you still need a knife.

Similarly, entrenching tools could benefit from “use_action: knife”, since they have cutting quality and no useful action.