Is there a portable butchery rack?

I don’t think it makes sense to haul around the mats for a butchery rack to butcher critters, and I don’t have the space to haul most of them when I hunt. So is there a portable butchery rack item that will allow me to butcher in the field?

The metal butchering rack is a portable furniture item. You have to set it up for it to be used, however.

Or carry a rope and set up next to a tree.

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Yea, they added that after I asked this. I’m pretty happy with the butchery system now. Much better fleshed out…

It should be made a placeable item just like the brazier and also made installable into a vehiche frame.

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I think it’s fine as long as the yields from the butchery rack are much better, making it worth while to carry a carcass back to base. I have noticed a significant drop in how much bone you get. (with the nutrition system)It was hard enough to maintain calcium levels before now its near impossible…

We need to somehow be ale to drag carcasses or other huge items. No point in having a butchery rack on your base if taking fresh game there is almost impossible.

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OMG yes! i wish you could drag piles of stuff too, regardless if it takes more time. Just less hasle. To be fair though, the new butchering system does allow you to field dress (remove guts and organs) and quarter (cut into 4 pieces) a carcass.

Skin and quarter the animal, turn the skin into a hide bag, carry the bag full the quarters home.

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Didn’t think of that. Neat.
Dragging very large or heavy items does sound useful tho.

I thought quartering ruined the skin.

I too was under this impression. Unless there’s a skinning option separate from quartering that I somehow missed.

If you only need to move it a short way, the Advanced Inventory Management system (’/’ is the default key) will let you move it two tiles at a time.
For longer hauls you’ll want a cart or a travois or something.

Alas, even though the butchery rack is semi-portable, you still can’t do full butchery without a table - which is decidedly not portable.

I just carry around the lumber to build a table on the spot when I find something I really want to butcher and just set up a temporary butchering station outside my tailgate, then deconstruct and pack it up when it is time to move on.

For the phase of game before I have a reliable vehicle, I’ll find a decent intersection and set up a semi-permanent butchering station there, and just lure back any fat zombies or other things I really want to butcher to that position and kill them on the spot so I don’t have to drag them - obviously not a convenient method for butchering non-hostile animals however, and you need to be a good enough fighter to be able to take reasonable control over a couple blocks of your current town.

Is the vehicle table acceptable for this purpose? Because I would be willing to add it to my woodland ATV if that were the case.

Even then, you can’t mount the portable rack inside a car, so the table needs to be close to a door.

This is why I make liberal use of shutters.

You can make a leather tarp or a fiber mat to [a]pply to the ground to act as a table


Yea the leather tarp and a long rope+tree works. I’m pretty happy with the system now that it isn’t so strict and has a few more items with it.

About the only thing I wonder… since I have no frame of reference for such, is the 10 liters that the folded metal rack takes up.