Shared World - non-active characters in the same world as NPCs

I would like to suggest a “Shared World (True/False)” option for World Creation. This would make the season/date/time world-dependent, not character-dependent and make the non-active player-made characters in the same world appear as friendly NPCs.

The world-dependent date would make some of the scenarios (and scenario flags) unavailable (2nd Summer, Winter Start, etc.), but it would remove the “Temporal Farming” exploit I mentioned in a different thread:

As most people (everyone else? >.>) seem to play with only a single character until he dies, I’m not sure there’ll be any interest in this, but I thought it might be interesting having your inactive characters as part of the game world (instead of disappearing into a temporal discrepancy). Of course, this would also make the inactive characters prone to dying even when you’re not playing with them (especially if you don’t disable NPC needs) - that’s why I suggested adding this as a World Creation option.