Shard's Misc Mod



I think gatebuff is a smashing success. Atomic Minitank VS Mechanical Winch. 30mph impact

My question is, how can I make them deconstructable again? Didn’t these used to drop long rope?

edit: did some json diving. I’m wrong, they don’t drop rope in mainline. Was it always like this? You’d think we’d get some springs or wires or something to represent the parts of a winch.


No idea, I just know I always got annoyed with them being destroyed >90% of the time in vaults and wanted to have a chance to actually use them instead of having to torch through every single damn door. Hence the mod to make them stronger.


The rope and pulley has the format for adding a deconstruct recipe. I’m irritated I can’t get rope from these, but it makes sense. I agree with you on how often they get smashed up. I lost a character to starvation after a utility bot smashed all the winches inside the fire station while I was sleeping. I was frantically trying to level up skills enough to make a homewrecker, but I died ripping apart rags for thread to make string… It was so annoying chasing around that bot for light.

Nice mod and thanks for introducing me to Nechronica. You mentioned it in a post awhile back.


Shard, I have to give you props for this mod. The internal storage tanks, battery array, and cargo racks definitely simplified my vehicle.

One question though: is there any way I can make the tile icons something else from within the mod, or do I have to upgrade the MSX++ tileset somehow to do that? The existing icons kind of make my vehicle interior look mismatched. I’d like to make the internal tanks use the standing tank tile, and the cargo racks use the shelf icon. Not sure about the batteries yet.


I’m a big fan of adding

"looks_like": "door",

to vehicle parts that don’t have tiles. Where “door” is whatever I want it to look like. It’s less annoying than trying to make a tile :stuck_out_tongue:


From what I recall hearing in the past, you can’t set vehicle parts to look like items or furniture, or the other way around. If you can try it out and get it working, I’d be fine with putting that in. Personally I edit the tileset to make the batteries look like the large switchgear at power stations IIRC.


Yeah that works, that or the minireactor skin. I could make the internal tanks looks the same as the external tank. Cargo racks could be reskinned as heavy stow-boards or something I guess, unless I find something better.

Now I just need to figure out how to do that. There a faq or how to guide somewhere for fooling around with the tilesets?


For the external tank and heavy stow board, find the vehicle part and copy the id, then go to the internal tank/cargo rack and add “looks_like”: “target_id”, to the entry. Vehicle parts you start with vp_ in most cases. I will see if I can add it in tomorrow with my settings, but not sure if I can get the battery array.


The minireactor has its own separate tile for when it is installed in a vehicle, not just the one for when its an item on the ground. Its like a black box (at least with mdx++ tileset). Its impassable unless you mount a seat or something on the same tile. It would work well.