Shakes disease is permanent- 0,9-3618-g1e8e60c

I have had the shakes disease for 3 days straight now after obtaining it from teleglow, I have tried both royal jelly and xanax (thats the one for anxiety right?) but nnone of them cure the disease.

Even the common cold usually lasts for more than 3 days for me.

But as far as i am concerned shakes tends to be an hour or two long disease? If I remember correctly?

Depending on just how many times you teleported, you may be getting Extra Shakes. Quick code-check shows that it can happen after 8 teleports, but that ought to be an hour or so per episode and the odds of three days’ worth seem pretty steep.

You wouldn’t happen to be coming off an addiction or have mutated Jittery? Those might explain it.


No, I mutated some pain resistance and smart, but not jittery, and the debuff stood with me until a pack of wolves finished my character on day 4, so I think the flag that indicates it should stop is missing.

Diseases/effects don’t use flags for add/remove: they’ve got timers that either count up or down. I’m not entirely sure how that’s determined. There are functions to hard-add and hard-remove diseases, though.

Could be that Shakes is in flux with the critter-standardization? Quite a few conditions aren’t quite running at full steam whilst we’re migrating from disease.cpp to effects.json. Sorry I can’t be of more help.