Serums spawning without container

0.C stable (I guess? Pretty sure I downloaded an experimental, but it was from the day C came out and the title bar says C soooooo…)
Windows SDL

Apparently serums (maybe only Feline serum) can spawn in labs without a container.

Gotta love bugs unfixing themselves. Thanks for reporting.

It probably spawned in a glass flask (which works just fine for me), but a monster has bashed the counter it is on and that bashing destroyed the flask, leaving its contents there. I have witnessed that a lot in liquor stores.

Could be that, but the counter was undamaged. Those are walk-overable tables anyway so I don’t think a zombie would attack them.

Zombie will occasionally attack obstacles that can be climbed over, and the glass bottles would break long before the counter itself would.

I’m not saying it’s this for sure, but it’s a very good possibility.