Use for Burnt out Biotics?

To my knowledge the only use for burnt out biotics was as a base for crafting your own which, has been removed.

Is there any use for them now? I don’t remember being able to disassemble them.

I’ve got an experimental from a couple weeks ago, and you can use it to make the Alloy Plating CBMs. Thats how I got the ones for head and legs (already had the others). You can’t disassemble them.

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So what good could these components be used for in other practical purposes?

What comes to mind is something out of the crappy remake of Total Recall, when that dude gets a phone ripped out of his hand. Like literally out of his hand, not simply holding a phone.

CBMs where “never intended to be craftable as the complexity and miniaturization involved make it completely infeasible for a survivor to make.”

I wonder about using burnt out biotics as a base for installing less technologically advanced biotics. Personally I think “accidently” cutting of your hand, attaching a chainsaw to the stump and pretending to be Ash is very catalike.


Adding “Shoddy CBMs” as new items could be cool. Cbm that are craftable but gives penalty because they are makeshift.

But right now in most playthrough you have to be pretty advanced before being able to install bionics so that makes shoddy cbm useless

Unless they are so basic that you can install them with at most a knife and a pain killer

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I imagine there might be a place for them in the distant future of the game as a method/material for repairing installed CBMs when damaged, or maybe for making robots or something. For the moment, being able to disassemble them into electronic scrap should be sufficient.


once upon a time they were used for making cbms simple things like flashlight + amplifier circuit +biotic equals forehead flashlight in fact it was the intended or at least the only way to get the plating cbms I’d hazard a guess that recently they removed their use seems they’re on a nerf spree used to be you’d recomend a bionic equiped level charachter to clear a hospital for high quality meds now they encourage you to fall asleep in the dead center with all exits equidistant from you and they replaced all the solid walls with plate glass all so you can get your explosive arm upgrade lodged in your nose because the preprogramed automated surgical tool still requires you the patient to be a surgical expert for some reason
seems they want less to balance for “fun” or “realism” and more just “hard”

I honestly think that making CBMs uncraftable was a very good idea, i can’t imagine myself crafting a very delicate surgical implant using only a few chunks of steel, some copper wire and a screwdriver.
The autodoc idea was also really good as there are some bionics (most of them acually) that are virtually impossible to self-install (how the hell can someone replace their entire cornea manually!?).
If I had the skill, I would create a mod that adds some kind of furniture similar to a computer console or something that allow the player to craft CBM by giving the machine the necessary components, it would obviously be Lab finale stuff and no makeshift versions.


ehh used to be only the simple shit like turning a delicate blood filter into a broad water filter or using chunks of steel to steel plate your arms the most complicated one was just giving a flashlight a body based mount to implant in the nose
how does a man replace his cornea? carefully. one at a time. same with synth muscles. honestly I think the nuerosurgery would be harder conecting in pre-downloaded fighting technique databases and wiring up ram so you never forget stuff cutting off a finger is childsplay for a hastily beaten spike rewiring a brain is not

It’s not simply popping out one eye and installing the robotic one, there are many neural/nervous system stuff involved, even for a game.

And other Bionics such as Expanded Digestive System, CQB, Recycler Unit can’t be installed using everyday painkillers, as they require complete surgeries that no mortal are capable of doing.

And I’m not even mentioning Probability Travel CBM.

cornea is only the surface of the eye no nerves needed but yeah replacing the majority of your digestive system is beyond most peoples skill even more so on your own conscious self

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A completely unskilled survivor was more likely to die of an oxycodone overdose than on a self surgery while drugged.
Am I the only one here who found that hilarious?

well most often when you fuck up something you stop like when you swallow a robotic voice modulator
now drugs when you fuck up it’s a little late to do something

What I find amusing is trying to justify cutting one’s own eyeball out and thinking it will be an easy task like yer chillin in front of the TV or something. Even with pain killers.

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The Mi-go are supposed to have a technological civilization, and I suspect they will eventually add tool using aliens/entities. It stands to reason at least some would have their own bionics and cybernetics.

Maybe we could use burnt out bionics to adapt some of their cybernetic technology for use on humans.

Alternately, use them to adapt human bionics to work on animals. Having a pack of cybernetic attack dogs would be nice.

I have a welding rig with a soldering iron, a forge, a full toolset, level 10 mechanics and electronics, and level 8 computers.

If I can build a railgun that fires diamonds and a cargo dimension, I can probably build a bionic.

I have yet to even find an Autodoc, or the anaesthetics they’re supposed to use.

…what part of this is supposed to be easy? If you don’t know what you are doing, you will be blind. That’s a strawman if I ever saw one.

I’ve found a number of them. Labs typically have at least one autodoc (with 3 anesthetic outside the door to the autodoc chamber), sometimes more. Hospitals have autodocs as well. I’ve found anesthetic in both veterinarian clinics and doctors offices.

There is also a version of the military bunker which has an autodoc inside it, though I’m unsure if it is part of the base game or from one of the locations mods that are packaged with it. I actually built my home base inside one of them specifically because it had an autodoc. That way I wouldn’t have to go on a road trip every time I wanted to install a CBM into one of my followers.

I don’t think it would be even remotely practical for someone doped up on painkillers to perform intricate surgery on themselves like would be necessary to install any kind of cybernetic part.

Even if you couldn’t feel pain, and as a result performed the surgery on yourself clearheaded, it would still be nigh impossible to operate on any portion of your own body that isn’t easily visible and accessible. You wouldn’t be able to do it one handed either. This means no self-installed brain or head implants, no arm or finger augmentations, no augmentations of the digestive system or internal organs.

Assuming you can operate on yourself without being stoned on painkillers or overcome by agony, you might practically be able to install something like say, subdermal armor plating in your own legs or the front of your chest. I wouldn’t want to try it though.

Now operating on someone ELSE is a different story entirely. All you would need then is skill.

No matter how much you try, you can’t craft a steel sword using only wood.

No matter how much skill you have or if you have rhe right tools or not.

The materials are the most important thing when it comes to crafting. If you don’t have the adequate materials, you can hammer a wood plank as much as you want it won’t turn into steel.

You can try to craft your diamond-shooting railgun with your “Average” 8/8/8/8 Survivor that SOMEHOW learned how to toy w altenate dimensions within a week using only the power of DETERMINATION and a few caffeine pills.

Humans took years of research to craft a single mutagen dose, yet you can go from a complete braindead survivor to a professional scientist in a few hours w just a chemistry textbook and some coffee. Most “average” people would take months to completely understand the book yet you can do it in a few hours.

Are you the chosen one or what?