Segmentation faults gallore

Since 7.1 there’s been a lot of these happening to me lately for no apparent reason and at random, using Cygwin and Cataclysm Version: 0.7.1-87-ge2919e1 any ideas on how to avoid these? thanks :slight_smile:

If you’re using an old save file, it can and will crash/segfault at some point.

Nope, using a fresh one, i can’t even start to think about the bugfest that implies playing with an old version save -_-

Then i have no idea

Maybe try a non-cygwin build…

Aaand its happening to me…

GitHub issue

I think it’s getting worse -_- when i try to sleep or read or anything time consuming 8/10 of the times it crashes, been keeping my saves in a separate folder so as not to lose the character to this and it’s getting quite annoying, can somebody help plz?

Using latest experimental (but had problem with previous versions) and it seems that if I try to eat things for power with internal furnace or battery system it crashes out completely.

I experienced similar problems 2 experimental builds ago if I hit escape while crafting items and having the dialog up for choosing which materials to use but since i have not done that since then I don’t know if this crash is still an issue.

Those two specific issues have been found and fixed.

Will need to take a look at crashes while sleeping/waiting.