Another Segmentation Fault error

Hello people, new player here. Not since my league of legends days have I been so unproductive, amazing game. Unfortunately my save crashed and is not opening anymore. The good news is that it was 1 ingame-day long, so nothing was lost.

From what I’ve read it seems all segmentation errors are different and there’s no single fix for all of them. Is there a way to prevent these sorts of crashes? I’ve seen tips about not unloading and not eating before saving, but I’m not sure how relevant/updated these tips are.

I’ll leave the crash.log below in case the devs find it useful. If you guys think there’s something to do, let me know!

Edit: apparently being a new user doesn’t let me reply to myself right now, I’ll post the crash.log later

The program has crashed.
See the log file for a stack trace.
CRASH LOG FILE: ./config/crash.log
VERSION: 9dc9a34
TYPE: Signal
MESSAGE: SIGSEGV: Segmentation fault

A segfault can be caused by a metric ton of things. Looking at the version you got, it looks to be affected by Downgrade to an older experimental and see if it works again.

Yeah I continued to check github and it seems many people had this trouble with the current experimental build. I tried to start new games and all of those crashed as well.
I went back to a build 3 weeks ago and all saves loaded correctly.

I just built the latest experimental and no more segfaults. Solved?

Changed back to last experimental and all saves load correctly now. Great job man, thx a lot!

You forgot to mark this as solved. And do not thank me, I am not the one who fixed it, just the one who pointed you to the fix.

Got it, I appreciate your reply anyways.