[0.5 release] Colliding with other vehicles catapults you away

I was driving around at night in my flatbed at around 40mph, and saw one of the wrecked cars. I tried to avoid it and ended up bumping into another one and stopping. Backed up, tried to get through, bumped the first wrecked car and was suddenly catapulted away at more than 1,500mph. Naturally this ended with the fiery death of my character since it was in the city center and I was flung into the nearby shopping mall. No screenshots due to this occurring over just three or four turns, but I’ll get one if it should happen again.

this is a known issue in 0.5. I am pretty sure they fixed this in the nightly build.


But it is actually interesting to see that. In real life if you don’t have a life belt that happens.

Alright, good to know. Haven’t read up on the issues recently.