Seasonal timeskips after exiting game

So I created a new world with a season length of 31 days (because Harvest Moon), and while cautioned about nonsensical results ingame if this option was tweaked, I assumed that would apply only if I changed it after beginning the game.

Now after a week or two of gameplay and naturally advancing to Summer, my game always sets me to, say, Spring 34, instead of Summer 3, whenever I start up. If I open up Options then hit escape immediately, it’ll revert. I take one step in any direction and it reverts the day, then with another step, the season. (Or vice versa, can’t remember which…)

Unfortunately I have to do this every time I start up the game. Was this because I created the world with 31 day season length or is some other nefarious factor at work here?

Thanks! Apologies if this has been addressed or I’m missing something very simple, I tried searching for info about this but couldn’t turn up much.

Same problem. I wanted to experience some other season than spring, but then again - unfreezing food in the winter is a pain… So I didn’t bother.

Yeah, the code for handling the calendar is weird and fragile and works in seemingly irrational ways if you mess with it. The code probably dates back to Whales.
I had a similar problem and fixed it by using the debug menu’s “set time” function, afterward it ran normally.

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Yeah! That’s why I made a new world instead of messing with a current one, I was hoping shenanigans like this could be avoided… hm. Thanks very much for the tip, I’m going to try that tonight!