Secret high-level buildings

It’s pretty weird - player can find labs, bunkers themselves easily, just by driving a car around. Isn’t that better to hide high-level building (with powerful bionics, experimental weapons)? Especially missile silos.

I suggest to make secret buildings. That means that these buildings are hidden under some ordinary buildings. For example, an entrance into secret lab hidden in an ordinary house. So you can’t just storm some random lab/bunker and get high-level CBMs/weapons, you have to find them first. They might be ANYWHERE, even inside some city.

Known labs and bunkers and something else will have nothing important inside.

Then we need a reliable way to find them.

Then we need a reliable way to find them.
Computer maps? You have to find your first secret building yourself anyway. That forces you to go out and look for it. You can't just go outside some city and look for strange branches of road (they usually lead to a bunker or lab).

Hidden illegal things, like a meth lab hidden under a house full of gasmasks, meth, guns, money and stuff. Not the normal farm under the house, but a big building. And maybe gun dealer hiding places and things like that!

So yes, i am all for it.

A way to find them? Maybe those labs have radios. Radio towers?

It’s a nice idea, it’d certainly make things more interesting.

Yea, I’m all for this, however it doesn’t need to be THAT well hidden, generally when designing a hidden facility with a cover facility over it, you assume that you have a staff present to keep people from poking around too thoroughly. The actual doors connecting to the hidden part might even be open or broken.

On the other hand, it’d be just fine if sometimes they were really buttoned up and secure.

How about having the locations to secret military bunkers and labs drop on the corpses/zombies of scientists and soldiers?

That’s even better, could also be retrieved by hacking.

Military operations map!

Wanderers could rarely spawn a map to wherever they got so much radiation .-.

Not sure how it works with underground constructions but the idea of certain places as fronts for all kinds of seedy operations is fine by me. The default building layouts don’t lend much space for very large operations. Not sure how underground areas are appropriated but I do kinda like the idea of Umbrella Corp sized super bases (complete with mandatory self-destruct system) under a major city.

Sort of reminds me of playing the original Deus Ex pc game and finding the secret Majestic 12 testing facility under the Hell’s Kitchen sewer system

We have drugs around everywhere: inside houses, carried by zombies, dead bodies resulted of a probable mexican standoff… also, many houses have underground storages of guns, weapons, medicine…

…in other words, people used drugs and were paranoid. That means that whoever was the supplier had to be EVEN more paranoid, and also cautious to avoid government action against them.

So, somewhere in New England, there should be a industrial facility to make and distribute drugs. Good place to find raw materials for various crafts, not only illegal drugs, but medicines, mutagen, and so on. Also good place to find REALLY high survivors, and weird zombies.